Why Work with Us?

Our long-standing underwriting relationships and position as an independent player give us several structural advantages in the market:

  1. Our specialization in sports-related risks enables us to offer more accurate pricing than behemoth insurance companies for whom this market is not a core focus.
  • We know how to price this stuff quickly and accurately – it’s what we do all day every day.
  1. We are able to design and underwrite customized, complex risks that standard insurers are unwilling to take on.
  • We underwrite risks that no one else will.
  1. We are free to work with a variety of underwriters in order to seek out optimal risk pricing scenarios and we don’t have a bloated brokerage cost base.
  • Our flexibility and lean cost structure translate into lower prices for our clients.
  1. In the business of sports, every second counts. We are engaged throughout the process and guarantee fast quote turnaround.
  • It’s crunch time and we want the ball!